Ai Li-shan


Slip 14


Slip 15

Continuation of the series on slips attached to covers


14b Size 71 x 106 mm

Paper, very thin white, .0018 inch thick

Red lettering, bold fonts in black.

Shanghai August 1 28, 1947


!!! FAST !!!FAST !!!FAST


Recently, the air routes were restored and frequent

flights are available, thus the airmail items are delivered



Because of the difficulty in surface transportation,

non-airmail cannot be delivered rapidly.


For faster mail delivery please use airmail.


15. Size 70 x 106 mm

Paper, very thin white, .0029 inch thick

Red lettering

Nanking February 27, 1947

Please note this is one of the few slips affixed outside

of Shanghai, and is considered scarce.




Why did this ordinary letter arrive so quickly? Because

This ordinary letter was sent special airmail by the post



On the plane first priority is airmail, if space is left

then ordinary mail may be carried. To assure fast

delivery, please use airmail.









Slip 16

16. Size 40 x 80 mm

Paper medium white, 0035 inch thick

Red lettering

Shanghai February 7, 1947


Due to the difficulty of surface transportation,

This mail item is delivered via air. Please

Notify the sender to use airmail in the future.


For the mail you send, please also use airmail

for a faster delivery.