Ai Li-shan


On November 26, 2009, Taiwan issued a set of four stamps depicting Ferns. In addition, there was also a souvenir sheet. What makes this issue of special interest is also the publication of a folio (or folder) which has the description of the issue in Chinese and English.


In the folder is the set of stamps and issued souvenir sheet. In addition there is a proof sheet, and the imperforate sheet with specimen overprint. (the sheet issued has the stamps perforated). Many folios are issued, however this one is certainly one that may be of special interest. I understand that the sales have been rather slow, so perhaps there is still time to obtain one. The selling pride is 280NT$ each. You may be interested to know that there is a quantity of 50,000 printed.


I have acquired one and plan to have it framed and put on the wall a great item at a fair price. You may contact www..post.gov.tw to check on availability.


Sheet 1, normal perforated, as issued


Sheet 2 proof, with control number


Sheet 3, imperforate with specimen bars



Please note matching serial numbers. We can expect to see some of these at on-line auctions. Who knows, perhaps they will appear in proof and imperforate strips?