Ai Li-shan


Reference China Filatelie  Vol. 40 Whole number 155, October 2008, page 50.  Listed was perhaps the earliest of the security chops found hand stamped on the back of stamps.  The purpose was to discourage the theft of stamps by employees.


An even more interesting chop has recently been found - it is dated!  This is the first time that I have seen such a chop, and perhaps the first it has been reported. 


Top - Taichung Municipal Court



Receiving and Dispatch



Date: 50.6.20 (1961 June 20)


Yu Piao (Stamp)


Prepaid Receiving Chop




Fortunately, the chop is 24 mm in diameter, so the complete chop was on one stamp.  It was found on the Chu Kwang Tower, second issue on plain paper, issued on January 28, 1961.


Not enough of cancel is apparent to see if it was mailed the  same date,  the date3 of "20" is all that can be seen.  By it being "dated", perhaps this restricted the usage. 


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