Ai Li-San


The first formula International Aerogramme was issued on February 14, 1948. This is the date printed on the back flap. In the past two years, there were discovered in fact two entirely different versions of the sheet. Fig.1. Figure 1a is the reverse.

Figure 1


Figure 1a reverse

Figure 2 printed date


The following is the differences in the two aerogrammes.


Type 1 Type 2


1. Measurements closed 129x89mm 1. Measurements closed 127x89mm

2. Measurements open 250x170mm 2. Measurements open 250x177mm

3. Indicia box closed corners. fig.3 3. Indicia box open corners fig.3

4. Address four lines moved right. 4. Address four lines moved left.

5. Light blue in color. 5. Dark blue in color.

6. Thicker fonts. fig 4 6. Thinner fonts.fig. 4


The paper used is identical in thickness, .0023 inches in thickness. If in fact two different printers were involved, it is reasonable to assume that the paper came from the same source. the dates of issue is that printed on the back flap, February 14, 1948, fig. 2. This of course does not mean that the aerogrammes were actually available for use on this date. Only that the date printed was this date.


Figure 3 closed and open boxes








Figure 4 differences in the characters


With this information of the two types, we should be able to determine the dates of usage and even perhaps the distribution of the two types. Using the alignment of the address lines alone will make it much easier in providing this information from auction catalogues and even on line auction site listings.